New Designs

I love this chocolate brown clay that I have been playing around with from Laguna. Instead of covering it up with glaze, I want to expose it. I have heard other potters complain about it cracking easily and not being compatible with their glazes, but I haven’t had those problems. For the time being, I am sticking to my bone glaze because I love the contrast with the dark clay. I have used a sgraffito technique where you (carefully!) apply the glaze to the damp clay, then carve into it when the glaze is dry but the clay is still soft. I have tried partially dipped pieces with varying angles. I even have a ceramic installation using this clay where I only dipped the edges in the bone glaze. Now I have moved onto the negative space of the circle. It evolved from the buttons I was making for a while, that then led to my desert moon design that you can find on my slate blue mugs. I have taken this very simple design to highlight the rough, raw nature of this dark brown clay.

So many of the items I make come from my own personal needs. Right now I need a mortar and pestle, so I have been sketching out some different designs that I will be experimenting with. I think this clay will be the perfect choice because of the texture. I will leave the inside portion unglazed and use this bone glaze on the exterior. I hope to have a few of these available for my holiday markets. My own kitchen will store the ones that didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted. My house is full of experiments that needed some improvements.